State of Ecommerce Shipping

We surveyed consumers and merchants in the United States to find what buyers wanted from shipping, what businesses are offering, and where there are opportunities to better align the two.

State of Ecommerce Shipping

Understand how customers perceive shipping, and how you stack up against competitors.

It's important to understand shopper expectations to make sure your business policies and offerings align with their needs. From delivery speeds to returns, and free shipping, find out how buyers feel about what they see at checkout, and the values that buyers place on different offerings. Compared to other merchants, how well do you stack up and where can you gain a competitive edge? 
Make sure that your policies aren't hindering your business and eating into your margin. 

Survey Results

The survey covered four major topics from both consumer and merchants perspective. Here are just some of the key findings from the survey:

- Free Shipping: 34% of consumers responded that “they will only purchase online with free shipping.”
- Returns: Only 14% of merchants offer free return shipping
- Shipping Speed:  Only 4% of consumer said they used of next day or same day delivery
- Carrier Selection: 94% of shoppers said that they do not care which carrier is delivering the package

About Shippo

Shippo is the leading API and dashboard for shipping that empowers platforms, marketplaces, warehouses and ecommerce stores with the building blocks they need to succeed. The company processes millions of shipments per month for more than 10,000 customers. With instant access to multiple shipping carriers for real-time rates, printing labels, automating international paperwork, tracking packages and facilitating returns, companies of all sizes trust Shippo to power their shipping.